Mastering The ICO: Spotting Needles In A Haystack

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ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, are a prominent mechanism for funding cryptocurrency projects. Many new investors have a hard time understanding this revolutionary mechanism for funding a project. Investors who understand ICOs are able to participate in cryptocurrency investments at the ground floor, oftentimes at an extremely discounted rate compared to investors who wait to purchase a project on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Navigating this type of investment can be exciting, rewarding, and highly risky without the proper training and guidance. In the series, Mr. S reviews the strategies he uses for understanding, assessing, and investing in Initial Coin Offerings, including:

  • *HOW* to invest in an ICO
  • Navigating the new regulatory guidelines for participating in ICOs
  • How to assess an ICO whitepaper
  • How to evaluate a project roadmap
  • How to assess a project timeline
  • Properly evaluating an ICO based on Mr. S’s E-PSD value framework
  • And much, much more!



This is a live event that is taking place Saturday, February 17th at 11AM EST. If you cannot attend, you will receive an on-demand link once the session is recorded.

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