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Cryptocurrency is a revolution.

The cryptocurrency phenonomon is one of the largest redistributions of wealth in our lifetime. While Bitcoin is exciting, there is so much more to understand when it comes to this revolution. Technologies like Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers, and Decentralized Exchanges are changing the way we think about money and value in society. Cryptoshark educates individuals on what it takes to operate in this new economy.

Cryptoshark is a global community of investors who help one another through education, research and real-time support.

Online Courses

Select from a catalog of courses for beginner, intermediate, or expert traders. We cover everything from basic wallet setup to market fundamentals and high-level strategy.

Community of Experts

Cryptoshark is composed of thousands and thousands of traders just like you. Regardless of your expertise, you’ll find like-minded traders willing to swap ideas, provide advice, and support you.

Live Events

Participate in live courses with Mr. S, Andrew Keene, and other cryptocurrency experts. Ask questions in real-time while learning the fundamentals of the market.

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Mr. S spends hours researching up and coming investments so you don’t have to. Sign up for his trade alert service to find currencies that will help you 100x your investment.

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